Gebre-Medhin & Chen on “Representation”

Representation Ben Gebre­Medhin[1] & Helen L. Chen [2] June 15‐17, 2016 This memo reviews the "Representation" strand which focused the future of the academic record in the digital era. The discussion included 21 participants convened by Tom Black, Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar, and Helen L. Chen, Director of ePortfolio Initiatives and Research Scientist, both of Stanford University. The task was to consider current practices for documenting and sharing student learning in higher education in light of possibilities presented by emerging digital technologies. Disc...
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Slade & Schneider on “Application”

Application Sharon Slade[1] and Emily Schneider[2] June 15‐17, 2016 This group discussed the main areas of focus and most promising types of applications of student data for the postsecondary community over the next few years. The group had participation from approximately twenty leaders within their own fields, bringing a range of perspectives from law, government, large private universities, community colleges and distance learning institutions. These notes summarize the discussion and make draft suggestions for next steps. The stated objectives of the group were to: Identify the ...
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Kindel on “Research” strand

Research 15-17 June 2016 Alex Kindel[1] This document synthesizes the discussions of the “research” strand of Asilomar II. The strand was convened by Tim McKay of the University of Michigan and included approximately 25 people representing a wide variety of education organizations, including research universities, broad-access colleges, education technology companies, and nonprofit organizations. Scientists across the academy are taking renewed interest in the practices of teaching and learning, and are applying diverse methodological and conceptual tools to advance the study of postsecond...
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